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» About ...
MyPHPGrid enables and faciliates preview and editing of MySQL database tables. The programmer's work is limited to writing small files for each table shown.

Each file describing table contains class object declaration and definition of it's basic (or advanced) properties. Examples of simple definition file are shown further in text. The program is built as a single PHP file.

» History of releases
2004 10 28 - 0.91
» added next plus sign to allow inserting new record with defaults like last one added

2005 08
» changed unlimited length of table from -1 to 18446744073709551615 (LIMIT 0,n) cause it did not work in new MySQL version 4.1

2005 10
» added 'can_edit' property to columns (use with 'default' property when adding new record)
» added filter_size property to cover size property for filters
» added 'charset' property to change charset when executing queries...
» added 'default' property to set default value for column when adding record
» border removed for icon of action(fix)
» added 'visible' property to columns
» fixed 'FEditPass no parameter 6 error'
» added 'cipherPass' global property (default false to backward compatibility) to md5 hash passes before writing to database

2006 01
» line 1097 'filer' - 'filter' fix
» hidden column (field) with default value set, passes that value through add add edit modes.
» $this->can_navigate -> if false - no navigator is drawn
» get_parsed_value - helper function to parse data came from before/after add/edit/delete
» is_unique - helper function to help if a record with the same value of a field is found
» fixed date field in edit mode to fit in one line
» fixed the height of filter row to the same in edit and view mode

2006 02
» MyPHPGrid is now Open Source

» Features and attributes accessible in design time
» choice of table to show
» choice of table fields to show
» user defined order of fields to show
» user defined width of table fields
» user defined justification of each field
» choice of each field's type
» setting of table field's headers
» simple operation on foreign keys' fields
» field definition for each foreign key
» flexible control of number of records on each table page
» user defined sort column
» user defined column filters
» initial table filtering
» flexible setting of adding/deleting/editing fields buttons

» flexible layout change with external CSS files
» choice between text/icon keys
» customization of hints

» 99% backward compatibility with MySQLGrid component
» "ready to go" default settings

» Features accessible during script runtime
» record's sorting (ascending/descending)
» record's filtering (with text or list field)
» adding of records
» deleting of records
» editing of existent entries
» printout mode
» information about table shown
» robust navigation between pages
» control of number of records shown on a single page

» intuitive user interface (3 minutes to learn)
» comments in preselected language
» visible html page conforms w3c standard
interface description
on scheme there is shown simple description of interface features (click to enlarge).

» Requirements
on server side
» WWW server (Apache recommended)
» PHP compiler (checked with PHP 4.3.x & 5.0)
» MySQL server

on client side
» WWW browser
» any text editor (for edit of php files)
» write access to server files

compatible browsers (checked)
» MS IE 5, 6
» Opera 6, 7
» Mozilla, Gecko, Firefox
» The rest probably also ;)

» History
As every program, as every human work, and result of mind and hands cooperation MyPHPGrid was created because of need. It was created as a part of bigger commercial project. It was created along with some other components (such as report designer, cross table viewer, login class and so on).

The origins of class goes to marvelous script (unfortunatelly not continued any longer) MySQLGrid by Klaus Reimer. I made many changes to MySQLGrid with author acceptance, however the number of new facilities made that work uncomfortable and pretty tough for me, so I decided to create new one "from scratch". So this is the origin of MyPHPGrid. In comparison to it's predecessor I introduced many facilities, however I didn't covered whole funcionality of MySQLGrid (I ommited some functions which I didn't use and which seemed for me unnecessary in that step).

Current version
Up to date version (0.91) has been thoroughly tested in real company environment. Any changes will be sent to this page or to interested users.

» Download
 Go to download page to get the code.

» Example


The screenshot of example table is shown above, the code which renders that table is shown below. An example of database with working MyPHPGrid class is put to the net. To obtain password and access to database please contact with author.


Here you can download Video file (AVI, MS Video1, 5 MB) which shows the way of working with table in www browser.
The Packed version (RAR 3, 200 kB) you can download here

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 Author: Michal Glebowski (the page layout is partially based on nectarine demoscene page)